cooperation with us

Benefits of cooperation with the WIST Company:

  The product is individually tailored to your corporate identity

  Flexible offer, depending on the current needs and capabilities of the client

  Twenty years of experience guarantees a solid, durable, functional product

  Comprehensive service from concept to implementation

  High quality product


Advertising stands

Everyone who contributes or uses marketing trends knows the importance of clarity - especially in terms of visibility of the displays. Exhibit stands are very important here. Our company has been for many years in the industry and we observe still changing and growing expectations. In order to meet them, we try to create completely new proposals and to respond to Your individual projects. For this reason, our offer, which is primarily based on the creation of functional constructions, is worth recommending.

An important advantage is that both store shelves and advertising stands are available at very attractive prices. In the interest of full satisfaction of our Clients we are able to offer you favorable discounts (this applies in particular to large orders). This proposal applies to both WIST custom-made displays, as to other accessories from our assortment.

Shop shelves

We’ve prepared comprehensive solutions for all those, who wish to equip commercial space with convenient, functional and - above all - solid storage shelves. Those that are included in our product catalog will undoubtedly meet your expectations. Metal-made will keep its elegant and aesthetic appearance for many years to come - regardless of the intensity of exploitation.

Flyer holder stands

When creating our offer based on a wide assortment we haven't forgotten about advertising stands. Thanks to the right form, ingenious shape, intriguing and eye-catching construction, we’ve created tools that will attract anyone's attention. Therefore they serve not only for simple leaflet and brochure presentation, but also to encourage potential customers to become acquainted with the details of the presented offer.

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